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LightMachinery Inc. - Excellence in Lasers and Optics, Excellence in Lasers and Optics
LightMachinery Inc. - Excellence in Lasers and Optics, Excellence in Lasers and Optics

LightMachinery Inc acquires excimer product line from GSI LumonicsLightMachinery Acquires the GSI Lumonics® Excimer Laser Product Lines

LightMachinery Inc. is pleased to announce that it has concluded an agreement with GSI Group to purchase the Lumonics® brand excimer laser product lines. The acquisition of the excimer products follows LightMachinery’s recent acquisition of the TEA CO2 infrared laser product lines from GSI Group.


LightMachinery laser and optics facility expansion LightMachinery Completes Expansion of Laser and Optics Facility

LightMachinery Inc. has completed a 50% expansion in R&D and manufacturing space in its facility in Ottawa. The new space includes a new thin film coating laboratory, two laser R&D labs as well as more office space and a warehouse facility. Also in the new space is a state of the art laser applications laboratory for the development of new applications for excimer and CO2 lasers.

LightMachinery fluid jet polishing patent LightMachinery Awarded Patent on Fluid Jet Polishing Pump

LightMachinery Inc.has been awarded a patent on several key fluid jet process techniques that have enabled the company to polish materials to new levels of accuracy. US Patent 7455573 describes the novel constant pressure pump developed by the LightMachinery engineering team as well as several of the important process parameters for achieving ultra-high accuracy fluid jet polishing.

Universal Beam Splitter - any wavelength any split ratioLightMachinery Introduces the Universal Beam Splitter

The engineering team at LightMachinery Inc. has developed one of the most useful devices for any laser laboratory - The Universal Beam Splitter. The UBS mounts in any standard 1" diameter mirror mount and behaves like a very low loss non-polarizing beam splitter cube with the added benefit that the reflectivity of the beam splitter can be adjusted from 1% to 90% for any wavelength. As the UBS is rotated, the transmitted and reflected beams remain at 90 degrees. A simple marvel of optical engineering.


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