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Solid etalon used to tune a high power laser Fabricating components and structures on a nanometer scale requires novel techniques and tools. In LightMachinery's Nano-Fabrication Lab we can apply our conventional optical techniques, excimer and CO2 lasers as well as our revolutionary fluid jet polishing technology.

Conventional polishing relies on controlling the shape of a polishing lap to adjust the entire surface of an optical element. In the hands of one of LightMachinery's master polishers, conventional hand polishing can achieve remarkable results but it has limitations. Conventional polishing can only adjust the basic parameters of wedge, sphere and astigmatism.

CNC polishing utilizes a small computer controlled polishing tool that removes material in a very slow but predictable pattern. Advanced software developed by LightMachinery enables the correction of wavefront errors to remove nanometers of material and achieve surfaces that are very close to perfect. CNC polishing is enabling optical, nanostructural, microfluidics, Silicon on Insulator (SOI), MEMS, and semiconductor projects that were previously considered to be impossible.

If your application requires truly flat smooth surfaces, uniform thickness or surfaces with arbitrary aspheric shapes then contact our staff to discuss your needs.

GJP-1150 Fluid Jet Polishing System
Our primary nanofabrication tool is the fluid jet polishing machine delveoped here at LightMachinery. The fluid jet process continues to stun and amaze us with its combination of incredible accuracy and smooth surface finish.
After FJP An example of the fluid jet process. This pattern in the shape of the letters ISO was fluid jet polished into a substrate. The substrate was simultaneously flattened by the fluid jet process to about lambda/50
Laser Applications Lab Excimer and CO2 Lasers
Ready to drill, ablate, cut, strip and process. Excimer and CO2 lasers provide excellent control and non-contact processing.
Removing 60nm of Wedge Fluid Jet Polishing
After processing half of a substrate with fluid jet polishing. The surface flatness is reduced about 6nm peak to valley or lambda/100.
Optical Assembly Conventional Optical Fabrication
High precision grinding and polishing is still an extremely effective fabrication method for most devices. Components are often ground and polished to dimensional tolerances of less than 1 micron.
Surface roughness Atomic force microscope analysis of a fluid jet polished fused silica surface. The size of the area is 1.5 x 2.5 microns. Surface roughness is 1nm Rms
Wire Stripping Insulation removed from a thin wire using an excimer laser
Optical Fabrication Try making an array of micro-lenses with conventional polishing technology.. The 'bumpy' is shown here optically contacted to a flat so that the interferogram is visible in fluorescent light
Optical Fabrication Please do not hesitate to inquire about special materials or sizes, just contact us for a quotation .

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