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CO2 Lasers

LightMachinery is the world's leading manufacturer of Transversely Excited Atmospheric Carbon Dioxide (TEA CO2) lasers. Our laser team has been designing carbon dioxide lasers and laser marking and drilling systems for over 20 years. Key members of the team also pioneered the development of 9.3 micron pulsed CO2 lasers for drilling and fine processing of non-metallic materials. We are also proud to be able to continue to offer sales support and service for GSI Lumonics and Lasertechnics lasers throughout the world.

IMPACT Series high power lasers for 24/7 materials processing and drilling of non-metallic materials. The LightMachinery Impact Series of pulsed lasers are optimized for precision processing and drilling of non-metallic materials. Applications include wire-stripping and other precision machining of components for medical devices, drilling of controlled-release pharmaceutical capsules, drilling and processing flexible and high density printed circuit boards, paint stripping, surface cleaning, and many others. The material interaction of the short, high power pulses from TEA CO2 lasers is quite different from that of long pulse and continuous CO2 lasers. High definition processing with excellent edge quality can be obtained. Plastic materials can be selectively removed from a metal backing, leaving the metal layer untouched. For many applications, Impact lasers offer a lower cost alternative to excimer lasers. more...

LaserMark Series lasers for the ultimate in marking reliability, from beer labels and gelcaps to miniature electronics components.  LaserMark Series products are designed for on-line marking and coding, creating perfect, crisp images on your products 24 / 7. Large area, multi-character marks can be produced "on-the-fly". From beer bottles to surface mount transistors to gelatin capsules and hair color tubes, we have the experience required to design, install and support your ultra-high reliability marking system. more...

IMPACT 2000 Series and IMPACT 4000 Series lasers
Learn more...
LaserMark Series lasers
Learn more...
All LightMachinery CO2 lasers are available in 10.6um and 9.3um output versions. Our Applications lab can help determine the best wavelength for your application. Shown here is an infrared spectrometer reading showing the 9.3um transition.
Double IMPACT CO2 Laser developed for high power applications.
Learn more about IMPACT 4000 Series lasers...
The tunable Module for the LightMachinery IMPACT
Learn more about IMPACT 4000 Series lasers...
A wavelenegth tunable single longitudinal mode 5 module CO2 laser
Learn more about IMPACT 4000 Series lasers...
Excimer laser alignment grooves For more information on the wide variety of CO2 laser applications see our CO2 and Excimer Laser Applications page
Excimer lasers from LightMachinery, drilling holes, removing surface layers and other fine processing
Applications Lab
LightMachinery's laser application lab is ready to process your samples using CO2 and excimer lasers. We can investigate the correct wavelength, pulse length and energy parameters to ensure the best possible results. Best of all, its free just contact us about your application.

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