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CO2 and Excimer Laser Applications

The staff at LightMachinery has been involved with CO2 and excimer lasers since the beginning of time. We have seen a huge variety of applications from writing fiber bragg gratings for the telecom industry and drilling printed circuit boards for smartphone manufacuterers to the date coding Lobsters and brown eggs. Each application is different and having tons of knowledge and experience really helps to sort out the best approach to solving new challenges. Contact us at anytime for free advice on laser applications, we are happy to help.

We realize that lasers are a tool to be used everyday in the laboratory or factory for a wide variety of advanced applications in precision manufacturing and R&D. So our lasers are designed to be easy to use with ultra-high reliability and low cost of ownership. Click on the links below to learn more about these applications and contact us anytime to discuss your application.

Wire stripped using a CO2 laser

Wire stripping
Excimer and CO2 lasers enable clean non-contact stripping of a wide variety of wire and insulation types. Both excimer and CO2 lasers are standard industrial tools wherever mechanically fragile wires are used.
Excimer laser drilled holes Drilling
The drilling of small holes is one of the most common applications of the excimer and CO2 lasers
Laser Micromachining using an excimer laser Micro-machining
The excimer and CO2 lasers are powerful industrial tools for the micro-machining of non-metals.
Excimer Laser Ceramic chip capaciitor marking
Marking has been a standard application for both the CO2 and excimer lasers for more than 30 years.
Excimer pulsed laser deposition, PLD
Pulsed laser deposition, PLD
The excimer laser can be used as a means of vaporizing target material inside a vacuum chamber and depositing it on a substrate.
Excimer lasers writes fiber bragg grating - diagram Fiber-Bragg gratings
The ability of the excimer laser to alter the index of doped glasses became the standard process for creating Fiber Bragg Gratings
Plasma generated by a CO2 laser
Plasma generation
The powerful CO2 laser pulse generates MegaWatts of peak power, stripping electrons out of gas molecules and creating a very bright and loud plama.
excimer lidar station LIDAR
The powerful ultra-violet beam of the excimer is providing important insights into the workings of our atmosphere.
Enabling research with excimer and CO2 laser
Lasers in Research
We are very proud that our lasers are helping leading researchers around the world to push the boundaries of science.

LightMachinery Lasers
CO2 and Excimer lasers for drilling, cutting, machining, plasma, LIDAR and R&D CO2 and Excimer lasers for drilling, cutting, machining, plasma, LIDAR and R&D LightMachinery
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