Exact Ray Trace   revision 5.1        
Surface Radius Index Thickness Clear Aperture   Basic Parameters Aberrations  
object     Object distance Spherical (longitudinal)   (consider looking at manual focus over this range)
1 Object height Spherical (transverse)  
2 Effective Focal Length      
3 Aperture Stop  Surface 3rd Order Aberration Coefficients  
4 Entrance Pupil Diameter Spherical  
5 F# Coma  
6 Field Stop  Surface Astigmatism  
7 Magnification Field Curvature  
8 Image distance Distortion      
9 Image height Merit Function   (sum of the squares of the aberrations)
Image         Manual Focus Adjustment Average Spot Size      
  Spot Size  
  Lens System and Image Plane        
  Spot Size  
  Lens System, Object and Image Planes  
  Spot Size  
x   x