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Fiber Bragg Gratings
The ability of the excimer laser to alter the index of doped glasses became an important industrial process in the 1990's when it became the standard process for creating Fiber Bragg Gratings. This continues to be a very common use for the excimer laser and now new variations are also gaining industrial strength including the cration of micro holographic optical elements.

Fiber bragg grating diagram Fiber Bragg Gratings (FBGs ) are narrowband reflection filters written permanently into the core of single mode fibers. Wavelength-selective fibers for telecommunications (DWDM) and smart sensors. Normally done with a KrF or ArF excimer laser operating with unstable resonator optics.
GSI Lumonics Excimer lasers with unstable resonator optics
Unstable resonator optics available on GSI Lumonics excimer lasers provide low beam divergence and excellent focused spot quality. This is a very important parameter when the laser is used in advanced aThe spot profile shown here is formed by a one meter focusing lens. Learn more...

LightMachinery Lasers
CO2 and Excimer lasers for drilling, cutting, machining, plasma, LIDAR and R&D CO2 and Excimer lasers for drilling, cutting, machining, plasma, LIDAR and R&D LightMachinery
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