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Easy to use, Easy to Maintain

GSI Lumonics Excimer lasers with unstable resonator opticsWe have worked very hard to make using and maintaining our excimer lasers as simple as possible. A simple remote control enables complete control over the laser parameters for manual operation. In automated systems an elegant RS-232 interface provides complete automated control. Thorough documentation is availble to support the development of automated system control based on your requirements.

Our gate valve technology enables our customers to quickly clean laser optics with a minimum of process interruption. The modular design of the LightMachinery IPEX and PulseMaster lasers also enables fast and simple part replacement.

The LightMachinery staff have been world leaders in excimer lasers for over 25 years and we will continue to lead the way with improvements and refinements to excimer laser technology.

GSI Lumonics Excimer lasers with unstable resonator optics A simple to use remote controls provides users with complete control over the laser. An RS-232 port allows computer controlled operation for automated systems.
GSI Lumonics Excimer lasers with unstable resonator optics Stainless steel gate valves enable quick and easy optic cleaning without the significant loss of laser gas.
GSI Lumonics Excimer lasers with unstable resonator optics Modular design enables fast and easy replacement of components.
KrF, ArF, XeCl Excimer lasers from GSI Lumonics for marking, drilling, material processing , Fiber Bragg Grating Writing
Ultra-reliable lasers and responsive customer service

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