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Excimer Lasers

IPEX-800 Series
Designed for high duty cycle operation in a manufacturing environment, IPEX Series lasers deliver high power ultraviolet laser machining combined with state-of-the-art performance. Incorporating LightMachinery’s proprietary ICON™ (Integrated Ceramic on Nickel) technology, IPEX lasers offer long gas lifetimes, superior optical stability and precise control of laser operating parameters. EasyClean automated valves fitted to the optics ports allow the laser chamber to be sealed and the gas fill / passivation to be retained while resonator optics are removed for cleaning and maintenance. Easy to use, simple to service and economical to operate, IPEX-800 lasers combine the benefits of high precision excimer processing with the lowest total cost of ownership and highest uptime in the market today. The marking of ceramics shown above is one of many applications for these versatile industrial tools. - more about the IPEX-800 Series Lasers...

Previously produced by GSI Lumonics, these lasers are now developed, manufactured, sold and supported by LightMachinery’s team of engineers and scientists (former GSI Lumonics staff) many of whom have more than twenty five years of excimer laser experience.

Applications - Click Here to learnmore about excimer applications
The people at LightMachinery have been involved in excimer laser applications for more than 25 years. From drilling holes to FBG to pulsed laser deposition we have had experience with most excimer laser applications. LightMachinery has also established global partnerships with leading distributors and systems integrators that allow us to provide world-class laser and process support to our customers wherever they may be located. - more
Ultra-Stable & Ultra-Reliable - Click Here to learn more about our rock solid performance and TMC™
A stable beam profile and excellent beam pointing stability are the result of years of engineering. Combine this with our industry leading 'Stabilase' closed loop feedback energy control system and the ultra-long gas lifetime from Total Metal Ceramic, TMC™, construction and you will find that the PusleMaster and IPEX lasers are the best value high power excimer lasers available today. - more
Lowest Divergence Excimer Lasers - Click Here to learn more about our high brightness laser optics
LightMachinery designed resonator optics provide ultra-low beam divergence for applications requiring long distance propagation of the beam or the highest focussability. The beam is flat topped in both axes, with no occlusions, a divergence of <300 microradians. A significant improvement in spatial coherence (>1mm) is also obtained. This is beneficial in applications involving the use of diffractive optics (e.g. FBG writing, DOE hole drilling).. More...
Easy to Use and Maintain- Click Here to learn more about using our excimer lasers
LightMachinery excimer lasers are engineered to be solid production machines with simple maintenance requirements. A simple remote control allows users total control of the laser. Alternatively, the laser can be controlled through an RS-232 computer interface for full automation. Modular design allows any component to be changed quickly and easily. Gate valves on the IPEX series lasers allow the cleaning of laser optics without wasting your laser gas. -more
Responsive Customer Service -Click Here to learnmore about customer service We believe our rapid response to our customers clearly sets us apart from any other high power laser manufacturers. We strive to exceed our customer's expectations 100% of the time. Call us or email us anytime for answers to your questions. - more

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