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Pulsed Laser Deposition
The excimer laser can be used as a means of vaporizing target material inside a vacuum chamber and depositing it on a substrate. The process has several advantages over conventional processes including;
- A wide variety of targets can be used; metals, ceramics and oxydes
- Independant control on the deposition temperature and the background pressure (oxygen, helium, nitrogen...).
- the resulting thin film has the same stochiometry as the target
- novel coatings such as diamond films can be produced

See our IPEX PLD Series Brochure for more information on the LightMachinery IPEX PLD Series Lasers

Excimer Laser Ceramic chip capaciitor marking
The PulseMaster laser in a PLD application at the INRS Canada.
Excimer laser wire marking
The PulseMaster 880 is clearly visible in this PLD laboratory setup in Italy at the CNR IMM - Istituto per la Microelettronica e i Microsistemi - Bologna
Excimer laser glass marking
The plume as material deposits on the substrate with high energy creating dense coatings
LightMachinery Lasers
CO2 and Excimer lasers for drilling, cutting, machining, plasma, LIDAR and R&D CO2 and Excimer lasers for drilling, cutting, machining, plasma, LIDAR and R&D LightMachinery
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