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The excimer and CO2 lasers are powerful industrial tools for the micro-machining of non-metals. Masks of various shapes are often put in the beam and demagnified onto the component. The shape of the mask may be a rectangle or a round shape. Then X-Y tables can be used under CNC control to develop intricate shapes and contours. High speed CO2 lasers from lightmachinery can be used to cut and machine directly using a small focused spot.

Excimer laser stripping of gold pads
Very precise stripping from gold contact pads using an IPEX laser with a highly specialized Offner projection lens to pattern around a dozen devices in one go, with step & repeat for rows of devices. Edges are precise to <1.5µm, and note lack of debris using Coax He nozzle.
Excimer laser machining in PI Test pattern machined with IPEX in Polyimide, bar width is 20µm, credit Olaf Krüger, FBH, Berlin
Excimer laser slits in PC
8µm width and 8µm pitch grooves in polycarbonate
Excimer laser catheter slit
Catheter slit is a 20 µm wide groove machined though a conductive coating along the length of a 1.8m catheter. There were 4 grooves milled simultaneously and rigorously at 90° by splitting the IPEX beam in 4
Excimer laser alignment grooves
Fibre location grooves machined in PMMA using a PM848 at 193nm. Credit to Kris Naessens of INTEC for the photo
Excimer laser machined znse lens array
ZnSe lens array, pitch 6µm, using MAS300 workstation with an IPEX series eximcer laser. Credit to P Gailly, Centre Spatial de Liège, Belgium.
Excimer laser wire stripping
Spiral slots in a Polyimide tube(prototype polymer stent) around 0.8mm dia.
Excimer laser wire stripping
Example of microlens array, 90x50µm lenslets in PC by Optec OG technique.

LightMachinery Lasers
CO2 and Excimer lasers for drilling, cutting, machining, plasma, LIDAR and R&D CO2 and Excimer lasers for drilling, cutting, machining, plasma, LIDAR and R&D LightMachinery
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