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Lasers in Research Enabling research with excimer and CO2 lasers
We are very proud that our lasers are helping leading researchers around the world to push the boundaries of science. Our LightMachinery / Lumonics* lasers are reliable high power lasers that scientists can rely on for a high level of performance day in and day out in the lab. Our legendary support staff is always ready to answer any questions you might have either on the phone or in person. The following is a small sample of research papers involving our lasers.

*LightMachinery acquired the Lumonics brand and CO2 and excimer laser product lines from GSI Lumonics in 2008

Enhanced performance of the AA2050-T8 aluminium alloy following excimer laser surface melting and anodising processes F. Viejoa, A.E. Coya, F.J. García-Garcíaa, M.C. Merinob, Z. Liua, P. Skeldona and G.E. Thompsona Thin Solid Films
Performance of Al alloys following excimer LSM-anodising approaches F. Viejo, Z. Aburas, A. E. Coy, F. J. Garcia-Garcia, Z. Liu, P. Skeldon, G. E. Thompson Surface and Interface Analysis
Relationship between microstructure and corrosion performance of AA2050-T8 aluminium alloy after excimer laser surface melting F Viejo, AE Coy, FJ Garcia-Garcia, Z Liu, P Skeldon, … Corrosion Science
Effect of excimer laser surface melting on the microstructure and corrosion performance of the die cast AZ91D magnesium alloy F Viejo, AE Coy, FJ Garcia-Garcia, Z Liu, P Skeldon, … Corrosion Science
Dynamical plasma study during CaCu3Ti4O12 and Ba0. 6Sr0. 4TiO3 pulsed laser deposition by local thermodynamic equilibrium modelling JF Lagrange, J Hermann, J Wolfman, … Journal of Physics D: Applied Physics
Action of counter-propagating laser beams on two-photon excitation of potassium vapour T Efthimiopoulos, N Merlemis, M E Movsessian, D Pentaris and M Katharakis Journal of Physics B: Atomic, Molecular and Optical Physics
Dynamical plasma study during CaCu3Ti4O12 and Ba0. 6Sr0. 4TiO3 pulsed laser deposition by local thermodynamic equilibrium modelling J F Lagrange, J Hermann, J Wolfman and O Motret Journal of Physics D: Applied Physics
Time-Resolved ESR Study on Complex Radical Pairs Formed in the Photolysis of Methylene Blue Included in Water-Soluble Sulfonated Calixarenes Akiko Tanaka, Haruhiko Yashiro, Asako Ishigaki and Hisao Murai Applied Magnetic Resonance
Zinc Oxysulfide Thin Films Grown by Pulsed Laser Deposition Sundeep H. Deulkar, Jow-Lay Huang and Michael Neumann-Spallart Journal of Electronic Materials
Photoreactions and Molecular Dynamics of Radical Pairs in a Reversed Micelle Studied by Time-Resolved Measurements of EPR and Magnetic Field Effect Tomoaki Miura‡, Atsushi Kageyama§, Sakiko Torii and Hisao Murai Journal of Physical Chemistry B
Nanoscale patterning of functional perovskite-type complex oxides by pulsed laser deposition through a nanostencil CV Cojocaru, R Nechache, C Harnagea, A … Applied Surface Science
Photodissociation Dynamics of Propargyl Alcohol at 212 nm: The OH Production Channel Ji Hye Lee, Hyonseok Hwang, Chan Ho Kwon and Hong Lae Kim Journal of Physical Chemistry A
Spectroscopy study of air plasma induced by IR CO 2 laser pulses J. J. Camacho, M. Santos, L. Díaz, L. J. Juan and J. M. L. Poyato Applied Physics A: Materials Science & Processing
The 41 [Sigma]+ electronic state of KLi molecule J Szczepkowski, A Grochola, W Jastrzebski, P … Chemical Physics Letter
Laser removal of TiN coatings from WC micro-tools and in-process monitoring J Szczepkowski, A Grochola, W Jastrzebski, P … Optics and Laser Technology
Bragg gratings fabricated in monomode photosensitive optical fiber by UV exposure through a phase mask Hill, K. O.; Malo, B.; Bilodeau, F.; Johnson, D. C.; Albert, J.; Applied Physics Letters
Plasma soft x‐ray source generated by 4‐ns excimer laser pulses Morsell, A. L.; Powers, M.; Shields, H.; Applied Physics Letters
Excimer lasers in cardiovascular surgery: Ablation products and photoacoustic spectrum of the arterial wall Singleton, D. L.; Paraskevopoulos, G.; Jolly, G. S.; Irwin, R. S.; McKenney, D. J.; Nip, W. S.; Farrell, E. M.; Higginson, L. A. J Applied Physics Letters
Violet photoluminescence in Zn‐doped CuAlS2 Aksenov, Igor; Yasuda, Takashi; Segawa, Yusaburo; Sato, Katsuaki; Journal of Applied Physics
CO2 laser drilling of copper following excimer laser pretreatment Kinsman, G.; Duley, W. W.; Applied Physics Letters
Epitaxial Tl2 CaBa2Cu2O8 thin films with low 9.6 GHz surface resistance at high power and above 77 K Hammond, R. B.; Negrete, G. V.; Bourne, L. C.; Strother, D. D.; Cardona, A. H.; Eddy, M. M.; Applied Physics Letters
In situ growth of PbSrYCaCuO films by laser ablation Hughes, R. A.; Lu, Y.; Timusk, T.; Preston, J. S.; Applied Physics Letters
Lithography Based on Memory Effects Resulting from Photoinduced Self-Assembly of Pyrene Dimers in Thin Polymer Films Marius G. Ivan† and J. C. Scaiano Chemistry of Materials
Pulsed excimer laser annealing of ion implanted silicon: Characterization and solar cell fabrication Lowndes, D. H.; Cleland, J. W.; Christie, W. H.; Eby, R. E.; Jellison, G. E.; Narayan, J.; Westbrook, R. D.; Wood, R. F.; Nilson, J. A.; Dass, S. C.; Applied Physics Letters
M. Sundara, , , D. Whiteheada, P.T. Mativengaa, L. Lia and K.E. Cookeb Optics & Laser Technology
Transformation of medical grade silicone rubber under Nd: YAG and excimer laser irradiation: First step towards a new miniaturized nerve electrode fabrication … C. Dupas-Bruzeka, O. Robbea, A. Addada, d, S. Turrella and D. Deroziera Applied Surface Science
Experimental measurements of multiphoton enhanced air breakdown
by a subthreshold intensity excimer laser
Jesse Way, Jason Hummelt, and John Scharer Journal of Applied Physics
The potential energy barrier of the state in KLi W. Jastrzebskia, P. Kowalczykb, A. Pashovc and J. Szczepkowskid Spectrochimica Acta Part A: Molecular and Biomolecular Spectroscopy
Formation of ultraviolet laser-annealed mesoporous anatase films by a sol–gel process Yasir F. Joya, Zhu Liu Scripta Materialia
Optimization of the synthesis of nanostructured Tb3+-doped Gd2O3 by in-situ luminescence following up Meigui Oua, Brice Muteleta, b, Matteo Martinia, b, Rana Bazzib, Stéphane Rouxb, Gilles Ledouxb, Olivier Tillementb and Pascal Perriata, Journal of Colloid and Interface Science
Excimer laser‐assisted metalorganic vapor phase epitaxy of CdTe on GaAs Zinck, J. J.; Brewer, P. D.; Jensen, J. E.; Olson, G. L.; Tutt... Applied Physics Letters
Study of the ablation threshold of polyimide (Kapton H) utilizing double‐pulsed XeCl excimer laser radiation Mihailov, S.; Duley, W.;
Journal of Applied Physics
Studies of excimer laser produced copper plasma in the presence of background gas Kumar, V.; Thareja, R. K.;
Journal of Applied Physics
Excimer laser induced etching of InP Donnelly, V. M.; Hayes, T. R.;
Applied Physics Letters
Metal buffer layers and Y‐Ba‐Cu‐O thin films on Pt and stainless steel using pulsed laser deposition Russo, R. E.; Reade, R. P.; McMillan, J. M.; Olsen, B. L.; Journal of Applied Physics
1 pm spectrally narrowed ArF excimer laser injection locked by fourth harmonic seed source of 773.6 nm Ti:sapphire laser Kasamatsu, T.; Tsunekane, M.; Sekita, H.; Morishige, Y.; Kishida, S.; Applied Physics Letters
Excimer laser induced diffusion in magnetic semiconductor quantum wells Howari, H.; Sands, D.; Nicholls, J. E.; Hogg, J. H. C.; Stirner, T.; Hagston, W. E.; Journal of Applied Physics
Excimer laser manipulation and pattering of gold nanoparticles on the SiO2/Si surface Yang, D.-Q.; Meunier, M.; Sacher, E.; Journal of Applied Physics
Digital etching of III–V multilayered structures combined with laser ionization mass spectroscopy: Photon‐assisted depth profiling Bourne, Orson L.; Hart, DArcy; Rayner, David. M.; Hackett, Peter Andrew; Journal of Vacuum Science & Technology B: Microelectronics and Nanometer Structures
Excimer laser ablation of ferrites Tam, A. C.; Leung, W. P.; Krajnovich, D.;
Journal of Applied Physics
Deposition of a Si monolayer on sapphire using an ArF excimer laser for Si epitaxial growth Ishida, M.; Tanaka, H.; Sawada, K.; Namiki, A.; Nakamura, T.; Ohtake, N.; Journal of Applied Physics
Noncontact monitoring of laser ablation using a miniature piezoelectric probe to detect photoacoustic pulses in air Leung, Wing P.; Tam, Andrew C.; Applied Physics Letters
Time‐of‐flight analysis of the plume dynamics of laser‐ablated 6H‐silicon carbide Capano, Michael A.; Journal of Applied Physics

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