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Wire Stripping
Excimer and CO2 lasers enable clean non-contact stripping of a wide variety of wire and insulation types. Both excimer and CO2 lasers are standard industrial tools wherever mechanically fragile wires are used.

Slow release tablet drilling

Impact TEA CO2 lasers have proven to be a uniquely valuable tool for wire-stripping and other fine processing applications in medical device manufacturing, offering an extremely cost-effective alternative to excimer lasers.

Shown here is a single-conductor stranded wire, 0.0075" wire diameter, 0.00125 thickness ETFE insulation

Energy Density Calculator The high absorption of the 9.3 µm wavelength in most polymer materials, combined with the short pulse duration of TEA CO2 lasers, means that Impact lasers mimic the photo-ablative excimer process of excimer lasers, at ~50% of the capital cost, <10% of the operating cost, and generally higher throughput.
Tablet drilling system In wire stripping applications it is often advantageous to split the laser beam into 2 or 4 beams in order to remove the micro-wire insulation without the need to move or rotate the wire. 2 focusing lenses (in black threaded barrels) are visible in this photo.
Energy Density Calculator Bifilar solid core wires, 0.014" wire diameter, 0.003" thickness insulation, stripped with an IMPACT TEA CO2 laser
Hard disk drive wire stripping
Typical of excimer laser stripping of fine gauge wires for hard disk drives. Very clean insulation removal, no loose particles and no damage to the core conductor. This is a gold/copper 47 gage wire, 50 microns in diameter with 8 microns of polyurethane insulation.
Excimer laser wire stripping
Heavier Gage wire stripping. 14 gage wire, 2mm in diameter, insulation 12 microns thick. Wire has been stripped only from one side a common requirement that is easily accomplished with the excimer laser.
Excimer laser wire stripping
Excimer laser wire stripping of multiple wires, 50um wire diameter, Polyimide insulation
Excimer laser wire stripping
Excimer laser wire stripping a single 50um wire with polyimide insulation


LightMachinery Lasers
CO2 and Excimer lasers for drilling, cutting, machining, plasma, LIDAR and R&D CO2 and Excimer lasers for drilling, cutting, machining, plasma, LIDAR and R&D LightMachinery
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