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Motion Control Catalog

If you have questions about our motion control products do not hesitate to contact us!

Beam Splitter Cubes






GadgetMaster Motor Control Solid etalon used to tune a high power laser
  • Can be configured to have either;
    • 12 outputs and 4 inputs or
    • 11 outputs and 8 inputs
  • Includes power supply, parallel cable and User's Guide
  • Learn more about the GadgetMaster


Product Description Price Buy now
GadgetMaster Motor Control
12 Volt, 800mA, 12 outputs

GadgetMaster Motor Control
Euro Version
12 Volt, 800mA, 12 outputs,

Stepper Motors
Stepper motors, DC motors, switches and kits

  • 1.8 degree stepper motor
  • Small DC Motor
  • Simple single pole switch
  • Photo Cell
  • Thermistor
  • Kits


Product Description Price Buy now
Stepper Motor
12VDC, 30 ohm, BIPOLAR,1.8Deg per step, 20 g-cm, Dual Shaft.197"Dia, NEMA size 17

Small DC Motor
12-24Volt, 4000RPM, 0.3A

Simple Switches
Single Pole, Lever Action

Photo Cell (Light Sensor)
3 to 20 KOhm CdS (for the analog input)

Thermistor (temperture sensor)
5KOhm nominal (for the analog input)

GadgetMaster Starter Kit
1 stepper motor, 1 DC motor, 1 simple switch

GadgetMaster Automation Kit
2 stepper motors, 2 DC motors, 2 simple switches

GadgetMaster 3 Axis Kit
3 stepper motors, 6 simple switches


Downloads Stepper Motors
Try downloading our fun new GadgetMaster Script program program. It allows non-programmers a simple script tool to write very elegant and complex programs.

  • The GadgetMaster User's Guide explains how to connect and program your GadgetMaster with clearly written text and diagrams
  • The sample software programs and utility files enable you to start your programming before plugging in your hardware
  • All the LabVIEW related programs (in blue) require downloading the free LabView runtime engine from National Instruments.
  • Our Script Program (shown here) enables the use of very simple commands to control motors for example the command;
    Move(1) = 100
    moves motor number 1 100 steps.
    That's all the programming that is required!
Product Description Price Buy now
NEW! - Try the BETA Version
GadgetMaster Script Editor

This fun script program enables non-programmers to create elegant and complex programs to control motion. try it even without a GadgetMaster!

This program requires the LabVIEW Runtime Engine AND Microsoft's .NET Framework below

Simple Script Examples
Simple Motor Control Script, (just copy and paste into your Script)
GadgetMaster Demo
Stepper and DC motor driver and input reader, try it even without a GadgetMaster!

This program requires the Lab VIEW Runtime Engine below
LabVIEW Run-time Engine 8.2.1
This is required to run any of the Labview related programs
Microsoft .NET Framework
This is required to run the GadgetMaster Script Editor
Click here to download from Microsoft
LabVIEW GadgetMaster Drivers
These drivers can be used to simplify the task of writing your own Labview program
GadgetMaster User's Guide
This is a tutorial on the GadgetMaster and stepper motor control in PDF format
Visual Basic Test Programs and utilities
This zip file contains everything you need for Visual Basic programming including; StepperV6, gmtestV6, Inpout32.bas and inpout32.dll.

Also includes all of the source code so that you can modify these programs for your own requirements. Windows XP Compatible.


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