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    Motion Control

At LightMachinery we like to make things move around. Robotics and automation are loads of fun and improving productivity is one of the keys to remaining competitive. The GadgetMaster is our simple plug and play motion control board. It runs up to 3 stepper motors using any old PC that you have in the lab, school or shop floor.

The GadgetMaster plugs into your PC parallel port*. Your computer is in complete control of the motion at all times. The GadgetMaster has 12 high power outputs and 4 digital inputs for detecting 'end of travel' or other switches.

Programming the GadgetMaster is easy! Our new GadgetMaster Script Editor allows people without any programming experience to write nice elegant scripts to control motion and detect sensor inputs. Download it for free from our Motion Control Catalog, you can try it out in simlulation mode even without any hardware or motors connected!

Any of the popular programming languages can be used, from Visual Basic and LabVIEW to C++. Our new LabVIEW drivers enable National Instruments' LabVIEW users to write sophisticated programs in minutes. If you have questions about the GadgetMaster do not hesitate to contact us  .

Or you can order the GadgetMaster now from our online Motion Control Catalog.

More Details about the GadgetMaster

Parallel connector at the top, high power outputs on the left side, inputs and power connector on the right side.

*if your computer does not have a parallel port it is very easy to drop one into either a tower or laptop computer

The GadgetMaster is simple, slim and lightweight
Terminal strip for connecting motors or whatever. The GadgetMaster outputs can both source and sink current. It can run DC motors, solenoids, stepper motors or relays
Parallel connector and digital input terminal strip. The digital inputs are pulled up to 5 volts by an internal resistor. Your PC will detect a change whenever the inputs are connected to ground or released from ground (by any simple switch).
GadgetMaster Layout
12 Power outputs on the left, 8 inputs on the right, parallel connector at the top, simple analog in / timer on the lower left
We like using stepper motors for our projects because the motion can be controlled and repeated over and over and over.
GadgetMaster software and the GadgetMaster User's guide can be downloaded from our Motion Control Catalog (for free), Try the new GadgetMaster Script Editor - BETA - it's fun and allows people without programming experience to write elegant control programs.
Go for it! Try the GadgetMaster and start automating your world. Click here to browse our Motion Control catalog

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