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         Optical Components

We specialize in working closely with our customers to produce components quickly and beyond your specifications. The experience of the people at LightMachinery with tight tolerance optics is unique in breadth and scope. If you are looking for high quality optics then look no further.  Our team of professionals is always ready to push the envelope of optical quality or make a quick piece for an R&D prototype. No job is too big or too small.  An example of some our work includes;

Recent Projects
Ultra Low Transmitted Wave Front Error Created for the Photonics West trade Show this 4" diameter piece features a large axicon, an array of lenses, a cylindrical lens, a powell lens and a fish. The piece was then optically contacted to a flat surface so that interference fringes are visible in the air gap. While it is not a standard optical component, the fish does demonstrate our ability to make completely arbitrary shapes to very high precision.
Apsheric Cylinder Lenses Aspheric cylindrical lenses, acylinders, are useful in laser beam shaping applications and have become a bit of a specialty at LightMachinery. Designs such as the Powell lens can create a line focus with uniform intensity over long distances. Our unique fluid jet polishing capability makes polishing acylinders a routine process.
SHIELDS, a dual wavelength Spatial Heterodyne Spectrometer built for Scientific Solutions Inc under and SBIR contract for the Army Corps of Engineers Engineer Research and Development Center Topographic Engineering Center
Diced Etalons "Monolithic Achromatic Nulling Interference Coronagraph (MANIC), an optic consisting of bonded prisms and a symmetric beamsplitter. See Michelson Interferometers for more details
Diced Etalons An artistic view of the Doppler Asymmetric Spatial Heterodyne Interferometer, DASH, for the Naval Research Labs.
Diced Etalons This unusual looking item is an optically contacted stepped phase mask. We called it "the layer cake".
Diced Etalons

This picture gives an indication of the size of the device. Each layer was individually optically contacted to the layer below.


Diced Etalons Custom R&D etalons, fresh off of the dicing machine. The etalons are about 1mm thick. The total block size is 2" x 2". See more etalons..
Michelson Spacer This michelson interferometer spacer is in process. The Calcium Fluoride spacer is designed to match the thermal expansion of the solid arm of the michelson and to transfer a minimum amount of stress to the end plate. See more Michelson interferometers.
Etalon Spacer This 1/2" air-spaced etalon spacer is shown along side an interferometric view of the same spacer. The spacers need to be made to etalon tolerances since the spacer determines the separation and tilt between the two end plates. See more etalons..
Prism in Process

This prism needs to be hand polished flat to lambda/10 and have a defect-free surface prior to optical contacting to an identical prism that has been coated.

Filter Glass Attenuators These gradient filters increase in optical density from right to left (clear on one side, green on the other)
Gold Coated Prisms Gold coated prisms with a chrome over-coat. The chrome over-coat creates a copper color on the outside of the prisms and provides an increased resistance to abrasion. The picture was taken while the prisms were still mounted in the coating tooling.
Dual wavelength mirros Dual wavelength band, high reflectivity mirrors. The orange red color of the thin film at normal incidence was an unexpected but pleasant surprise.
Monolithic Michelson Another monolithic Michelson Interferometer in progress with a waveplate cemented on the far side of the cube. See more michelson interferometers...
Piezo tunable etalon spacers A block of piezo etalons during the manufacturing process. Volume manufacturing techniques are utilized to achieve consistent high precision at a reasonable cost. See more etalons..
Zinc Selenide Steep radius Zinc Selenide lens approximately 75mm in diameter. The high index (2.5) of Zinc Selenide and tolerance for high temperature operation make it an excellent choice for lenses in the Infrared. See more high power laser optics..
piezo tunable fizeau interferometer A beautiful 60mm aperture piezo tunable Fizeau interferometer. End plates are matched to lambda/ 100 over the full aperture. This instrument uses 3 piezo stacks to allow the end mirror to be trimmed for perfect alignment and then the FSR can tuned or scanned through 9um's of movement. more...
Little gold prisms Lots of gold coated prisms.  Low cost, high volume production of precision components requires creativity but can still be easily accomplished in North America
Michelson assembly Michelson Prototype assembled with waveplates.  Beautiful from any angle, see more details about our Michelson interferometers.
Wave Plate map Our new wave plate mapping system enables us to map retardance over the entire aperture of the wave plate and insure the highest levels of uniformity.
Michelson in process Large Michelson interferometer cube, during the manufacturing process. The purple square is the embedded polarizing coating.
Piezo Etalon The FSR of this piezo etalon can be rapidly scanned by changing the voltage on the piezo-electric spacer.
Waveplate in process Crystal Quartz waveplate sandwiched between two pieces of BK-7, mounted on a holder during the fabrication process
Magnesium fluoride excimer laser optics Magnesium Fluoride excimer laser optics. Lambda/10 flatness over the laser beam diameter
Zinc Selenide and Germanium CO2 laser optics Zinc Selenide and Germanium CO2 laser optics
Confocal resonator (1 mirror)

Confocal Resonator optic, 1 meter radius matched in sets to Lambda/20

Matched sets of confocal resonators Other matched pieces coated for operation at YAG laser wavelength
Polarizing beam splitter at 1550nm, optically contacted in SF2 glass, for use in a spectrophotometer.
Same beam splitter as above, the polarizing coating at 1550nm in the infrared gives a nice red, green split in the visible making it worthy of two photos in our collection
These coated prism strips will later be diced into many individual prisms.  Our manufacturing techniques produce accurate, high quality optics with a minimum of handling and cost.
Look into this beautiful custom etalon and see the internal reflections caused by the parallel surfaces of the optic
One etalon is 3mm thick the other is 10mm thick, both have 80% reflectivity on each surface.
This nifty assembly combines our skill at polishing and optical contacting with gold coating to create a very parallel and precise 'one of kind' position sensor for a space application.

Come back to visit, we are always adding more photos of our projects (when we are not constrained by non-disclosure agreements)

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